Chandran Media News

Microsoft Pushes Green

CEO TV will be visiting Microsoft to get a first hand insight into their green initiative. Environmental stewardship has become integral to Microsoft's business mandate and they have come up with some savvy ways to show their commitment to environmental sustainability. Using pens manufactured from corn starch, water bottles made from post-consumer recycled materials, disposable plates made of biodegradable sugarcane by-product and minimizing energy consumption are just a few of the ways this global company is doing its part in defending nature and her resources.

Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Real Investments TV prepares for its Florida trip to study the subprime mortgage crisis. "Florida has the third highest foreclosure rate in the nation", says the Washington Post. The crisis has spiked foreclosure rates across America and alarmed financial markets worldwide. It has become one of the biggest issues for voters in the Sunshine State. Real Investments TV will source the latest developments in the state's attempt to forestall further foreclosures. We will also bring you news on gentrification where falling communities are renovated, rebuilt and elevated to hot real estate markets.

Inside Fashion TV Launches Spring 2008

Inside Fashion TV launches across the nation this spring on Global Television and City TV. Host, John Filamena takes you behind the scenes across North America to learn about your favourite designers, stores and fashion resources. Recently returning from LA Fashion Week, The Inside Fashion team brings you interviews from the cast of the popular MTV show 'Hills' starring Kristi Alley and Nikki Hilton, the hype about Kitson a popular celeb fashion store and the facts on just how much celebrities are dropping on fashion.

PDAC Mining Conference: A must attend event

Mining Industry TV recently attended the PDAC Mining Conference in Toronto with 20,000 delegates from around the world. PDAC promotes the interests of mineral industries through its vast trade show and investors exchange. Visit for our PDAC overview and feature stories on Canada's mining sector and the companies making waves and positive steps towards the future of the industry.

Office Locations

Chandran Media is expanding into more Canadian and US Markets. See our locations section for an update on 2008 office locations.


Energy TV and Chandran Media would like to thank the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals for presenting us with the 2007 Gold Marcom Award for Television/Video/Film programming. The award signifies attention to detail and creative achievements.