We recognize that modern business synergy is dependent on sharing knowledge and talent. We also believe in the value of harnessing collective intelligence. That's why we offer turn-key business opportunities for independent minds interested in progressive media and marketing.

These opportunities further our expansion of affirmative news magazine programming. They also enable our joint-venture partners to succeed in generating new global markets, elevating industry creativity and driving sustainable revenue streams.

Broadcast Advertising

Attract the attention of influential audiences

Offering lucrative advertising resources to our clients requires being acutely aware of trends in consumerism, technology and communication. It requires understanding how to integrate the most advanced media platforms with traditional broadcasting - effectively. Mostly it includes having broadcast platforms that speak for themselves by garnering the attention of the world's leading economic industries.

With this expertise Chandran Media combines media and marketing solutions that enable our advertisers to leverage the power and impact of industry specific programming and mass market reach. From national television broadcasting, to web-based strategies, advanced video directories and emerging mobile technologies, Chandran Media delivers your message to influential audiences expressly interested in global trends and development.

Whether you are a regional enterprise, a fortune 500 company or a limited partnership Chandran Media provides advertising vehicles that will promote your presence through affiliated industry branding and access to influential target audiences.

Please contact Amanda Konnik, National Sales Manager for advertising rates and details. 613-421-5367 | amandak@chandranmedia.com

Media Production Licensing

Our Media Production License enables entrepreneurs to join us in influencing industry sectors through the independence and creativity of their own television network. It has been created to reinforce the Chandra Media brand and expand our business news to prime geographic audiences. Working in collaborative partnerships we bring new broadcast categories to regional and global audiences while offering direct revenue streams through competitive, niche driven advertising.

Our Media Production License combines proven media platforms, integrated marketing and our established production model. It has been developed with turn-key marketing, programming and training operatives to take the guesswork out of the broadcast business and bring innovative thinking to global business markets as expediently as possible.

Licensees will receive all training, support and mentorship required to develop and execute standard broadcast quality programming for television and online. This includes everything from Broadcast Administration, Program Branding and Set Design to Studio Production, Editing and Advertising.

Our Media License opportunities are available around the world. For details on the value, methodology and creative media solutions required to establish a profitable Media Broadcast  Business please visit our investor login.

Location Licensing

Location Licensees are companies with established production facilities who are subcontracted by Media Production Licensees for filming, editing and post production of broadcasts. They provide production expertise to ensure all shows conform to broadcast standards in videography, lighting, location, sound, broadcast design and set design.

Our Location Licensee opportunities are available around the world. Further details are available by visiting our investor login.


If you are a creative thinker, intrigued by innovation, adaptable to change and want a chance to be part of a revolutionary media company, please follow the links to our programs from the Solutions tab.

If you do not see a position that matches your skills or experience please forward a resume to Monika Cordova - Monikac@chandranmedia.com.

Market Partnerships

Our Market Partnership Model is advantageous for companies wanting to promote their niche product or service by complimenting online exposure with traditional television broadcasting. It is based on a Turn-Key, Fee for Service Model that utilizes integrated media solutions to build optimal awareness while providing viable avenues for building revenue streams.

Inclusive with a Market Partnership is a dedicated Website distinctly branded to highlight your industry and target demographic,  Television Broadcasting of your corporate story to regional and national audiences and profiling on Chandran Media's proprietary Video Business Directory. Market Partners also receive hands on training and support in web management, online marketing and television broadcast advertising.

Market Partners gain credibility and market awareness while reaching millions of viewers through Chandran Media’s established broadcasts. For details on establishing a Market Partnership with Chandran Media please visit our investor login.

Offering Memorandum

Chandran Media provides private placement partnership opportunities to individuals and businesses interested in investing in progressive marketing and media. Please contact the President, Neil Chandran directly to discuss our corporate objectives and terms of investment. neilc@chandranmedia.com 403.237.6422 x232