Chandran Media's broadcast management solutions are powered by business intelligence and ROI-driven results. They are created to maximize broadcasting reach and access influential industry specific audiences.

Whether it is through broadcast airtime, mobile advertising, online video business directories, web applications or industry events, our proprietary suite of media and marketing solutions optimize awareness for our programs and industry partners.

Television Broadcasting

Delivered in a News Magazine style we spotlight major issues, developments and news taking place amongst today's predominant global industries. Our television programs are broadcast across North America and around the world on mobile and online.

Energy TV - Broadcasts weekly on Global National and on the ABC network in Texas. provides viewers with current information regarding oil and gas, alternative forms of energy and eco-friendly initiatives. We deliver timely and concise reports spotlighting the people, companies and the issues behind North America's largest income sector.

Real Investments TV is Canada's premier TV broadcast and web portal presenting the latest information on changing trends in North American real estate markets. From coast to coast Real Investments TV focuses on providing viewers with the essential tools and education they need to understand the A to Z's of real estate.

CEO TV is a nationally broadcast business news magazine targeting business owners and executives. Each episode features in-depth interviews with successful top-level leaders of dynamic companies sharing their secrets of success, as well as highlighting their company objectives and achievements.

Mining Industry TV - Focusing on the mining industry in British Columbia and Canada, the program follows mining and minerals exploration and development. The show provides our viewers with targeted and detailed news and information on the success stories and challenges of the mining sector. Mining Industry TV broadcasts this fall on Global Television Vancouver.

On Inside Fashion, host, John Filamena takes you behind the scenes across North America to learn about your favourite designers, stores and fashion resources. From Valentino to undiscovered gurus our passion for fashion will keep you informed of fashion styles, predicted trends, couture shows and of course fabulous looks. Coming this summer to Global Television and City TV.

Nite Life TV - Launching across Canada in June 08, Nitelife TV is on the V.I.P. guest list to the hottest parties, clubs and events in the nation and even around the world. Host Patricia J goes behind the velvet rope to interview the faces that keep your nights bumpin, from world class DJ’s, promoters and celebrities to established and experienced Nitelife personnel who unveil the tricks of the trade from inside the industry. Take an inside peek at

The Hospitality Guide - Built by a team of experienced hospitality experts, The Hospitality Guide is your source for the latest information in Canada's hospitality & tourism sector. Featuring a behind the scenes look at the finest restaurants, bars, hotels, spas and hospitality services across the country, the Hospitality Guide will expose what it really takes to survive the challenges of the industry. Nationally televised and broadcast online May 08.

The Energy-TV Awards has been created to showcase North America's oil and gas industry and recognize the "best of the best", as voted by industry peers. By highlighting leading companies and technologies, the Energy-TV Awards helps industries bridge communication gaps around technological, political and human resources challenges.

Interactive Solutions - Online mass collaboration is said to be the most powerful economic force of our time. Maximizing on creativity and integrated interactive solutions we incorporate the latest technologies both on the front and back ends to expedite online processes and engage viewers. Broadcasting our programs online compliments our television broadcasting and benefits our clients through industry branding, affiliate marketing and online advertising including video, stock tickers, links, news profiling and articles.

Chandran Media offers high profile marketing through our unique Video Business Directory, promoting the news and profiles of companies in major global industries. This searchable, detailed directory features all the news and stories broadcast through each of our television programs plus corporate videos, company profiles and contact information in a single location. Whether you are looking for the latest fashion trends, hot real estate markets or customized oilfield solutions our VBD will keep you abreast of major industry developments and help you find the industry products and services you are looking for.

Podcasts and Mobile - Portable media has become the new method of communicating and obtaining information. Enabling mobile advertising and access to television broadcasts on demand is just smart thinking - Especially when it is estimated that 1.3 billion people worldwide have a mobile device. Chandran Media uses video podcasting to provide expedient delivery of up-to-the-minute business and finance related news. In addition, we are developing mobile applications to deliver video on demand around the world.

Tradeshow and Events - Chandran Media builds awareness for our programs and partners through a variety of high profile events and productions including Event Management & Production, Industry Trade Shows, Seminars and Industry Parties. These avenues enable us to highlight our own successes and developments as well of those of our affiliated partners with each of our industry broadcasts. Visit our Energy TV Awards for an example of our industry exclusive events.