Reaching audiences requires embracing the Communication Revolution. In the new economy consumers want to be part of a brand, not just a buyer. You don't reach them by offering a product - You reach them by offering an experience. Each of our media platforms enables us to engage the minds and attention of audiences by offering valuable information in entertaining formats. Combined together they create associative marketing that builds long term value and memorable impact. They encourage a sensory experience. Technically, it's called emotional branding. We call it power.

Who we are

We're not above hype. We just prefer to be about action - That's why when it comes to marketing platforms and business models we choose to create our own.

Chandran Media is a marketing and broadcast company profiling the world's most lucrative and powerful industries to discerning business audiences and consumers worldwide. Focused on revolutionizing marketing and media platforms, we integrate traditional and emerging technologies with innovative business partnerships in order to magnify viewership and broadcast demand.

With specialty programs from mining and real estate to energy and international fashion our broadcast portfolio is intended for companies and industries representing key market trends, global innovations and geopolitical platforms. Identifying valuable content of these under-served markets enables us to bring together the talented minds, news and information from the driver's of the world economy

What we offer

Our future is defined by our willingness to revolutionize marketing platforms in order to aggressively compete in a global economy. Succeeding requires embracing new technologies, processes and business models that supercede social change and consumer demands. It is also dependent on our understanding that sharing knowledge and talent is the modern way of sustaining business synergy and increasing profit margins.

Understanding that selling in today's marketplace requires strategic planning and inventive ways to compete for consumer attention, Chandran Media offers businesses unique marketing solutions through Broadcast Advertising, Media License Partnerships, Market partnerships and Private Offering Memorandums. These partnerships promote collaborative industry alliances and enable our clients with integrated media solutions that reach target markets en mass with immediacy and impact